Miles2Smile Foundation

Academic Excellence

At Sunrise Public School, good enough is never good enough! Self-reflection and a strong desire to continually improve is an integral component of every level of our school.

Miles2Smile Foundation


At Sunrise Public School, we seek out inclusion of differences, realizing we can learn from each other and work rigorously to create a positive culture.

Miles2Smile Foundation

Vibrancy and Fun

We train students to become spirited, vibrant and who can learn to think for themselves but also know how to have fun, and foremost, learn to enjoy their time at school.

Miles2Smile Foundation

Personal Responsibility

At the school, we take responsibility for our role in the success of students and we push ourselves towards developing effective and sustainable solutions to help students grow and become empowered.


Miles2Smile Foundation
Miles2Smile Foundation

About Us

Sunrise Public School is a non-profit, relief institution located in Loni, Ghaziabad.  It was established by Miles2Smile Foundation primarily for the victims of the Delhi Pogrom 2020. Scores of people were displaced from their homes in Northeast Delhi and the children could not go back to schools. Also, due to the COVID-induced lockdown, many victim families struggled with digital transition due to challenges around household access to digital devices….